Bella Botanics 

Hi, I'm Cindy!  Bella Botanics was born from a desire to simplify my skin care routine and use products that have organic ingredients, luxurious texture, a unique scent and last a while.  Bella Botanics started as my personal skin care routine, it branched out into gifts for friends and family.  Once they tried it, orders started coming in!  
Once the PURE FACE LINE was formulated, I saw an immediate improvement in texture, tone and clarity.  Gone are the foundations, powders and concealers!
My routine? PURE FACE Cleanser, Beautify Serum and Moisturizer.  My favorite Body Butters and Solid Moisture Bars are Sexy and Lavender.  Add Zen Balm to that!  The scent is amazing.  Bella Lip Tints are rich and last, even through a shower and overnight!  Pale Pink is my daily lip balm.  It pairs well with any lip liner or alone.  I find pleasure in beautifully handcrafted skin care products that make my skin look and feel amazing.  Shouldn't we all feel that way?

Many of the organic or natural products have fillers and other ingredients that you have to investigate.  Not mine.  Bella Products are made with raw ingredients that are nourishing for your skin and combinations of essential oils that leave a unique scent.  

I make every product and take pride in my secret recipes.  Everything is done in small batches, made to order.  If something doesn't come out right, it's redone.  If you aren't sure what to order, check out BELLA MINI COLLECTION.  It has a little of everything.  SAVE ON BELLA BOXES!  Several items are in these beauties for a discount!  A gift for someone or for yourself!

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